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Cube = Cebu

SM Seaside City Cebu’s CUBE.

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Ayala Unfolds New Wing

Ayala Center Cebu recently unveiled to the public its new multi-billion expansion wing. The expansion project is (probably) Ayala’s answer to the threat of SM’s gigantic SRP mall which is now under construction. Ayala’s new wing, which remains nameless til this day, will house a lot of high-end brands (some I’ve never heard of my whole life. Haha.) The wing will also have a THX theater, a roofdeck garden, a chapel, and lots of other fancy stuff Cebuanos will surely enjoy. Anyways, without further ado, here are the photos.

The new wing of Ayala Center Cebu

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Mandaue’s J

J Centre Mall is the newest mall in Cebu. It is located along A. S. Fortuna Street in Mandaue City. If my sources are right, the mall is just one-third of a huge complex which would also include a hotel tower and a condominium tower in the coming years.

The construction of the complex was one of the many amazing projects that surprised Cebuanos in 2009. Also, the project’s completion is a solid testament to the steady rise of our local developers. Here’s hoping that more local developers get to showcase their ‘talents’ in the future for a better and more beautiful Cebu!


The J Centre Mall in Mandaue City, Cebu.

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Balamban’s New Mall

Just a couple of months ago, the Gaisano Town Center in Balamban finally opened its doors to the people of Balamban. The beautiful mall which kinda looks like the old Gaisano Country Mall in Banilad (which according to rumors will soon be demolished to give way to a hospital) can be found along the Transcentral Highway (just before the Balamban exit). When we dropped by two weeks ago, the mall component of the structure is still being completed. The supermarket and grocery, however, are already operational. The arrival of the mall will surely make shopping a lot easier for the people of Balamban! It will also surely encourage more investors to invest in Balamban.


Balamban’s newest baby. Awesome!

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Party In Cebu

Last March 27, two Manila-based networks decided to hold their Sunday noon-time shows live here in Cebu. ABS-CBN decided to gather all the regulars of ASAP Rocks at the South Road Properties while GMA 7’s Party Pilipinas gathered some of their talents at the Fuente Osmeña circle. I decided to cover the event at the Fuente circle for three reasons. First, the circle was one short right away from our house. Second, I like GMA 7’s shows. And third, because a lot of people predicted that no one would come out and watch GMA 7’s show because Cebu is ‘Kapamilya-country. However, despite the limited number of GMA stars expected to appear as well as the limited space at the circle, still a considerable amount of people showed up to enjoy the live show. Here are some random shots of GMA 7’s live telecast of their Sunday noon-time show Party Pilipinas.


Richard Gutierrez in full Captain Barbell costume.

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Active Zone

Ayala Center Cebu recently reopened the area which was once occupied by famous entertainment and restaurant brands like Ratsky, East West, Don Henrico’s, and Bigby’s. And old Entertainment Center is now called the Active Zone. The Active Zone is a special area in the mall which houses sports, adventure, as well as hobby shop.


Ayala Center Cebu’s Active Zone

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