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Weekends in Carmen

It’s official. I’m ready to relocate to Carmen. Haha. Well, come to think of it. It has gorgeous beaches, it has the super awesome Benedictine Monastery, it has the Uragay Spring, and it has an award-winning Sinulog contingent! Plus, it’s very lovely, quiet, and peaceful and it has some of the most awesome people I know. And to make this town a little more appealing, it has the Durano EcoFarm and Spring Resort! Now, who wouldn’t fall in love with a town that has all these to offer?

So, anyway, two Saturdays ago, I discovered Carmen’s newest attraction. I even featured some photos of the place in my Three-Dip Trip post. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos. See, I was alone and I kinda didn’t feel too comfortable walking around the whole place and taking photos of the pools with people in them. Those people might think I’m shooting them for whatever reason. Haha. So, I decided to come back last Saturday – exactly a week after my first visit. This time, however, Osman decided to tag along. He just got his license and he was itching for a long ride.


The Durano EcoFarm and Spring Resort in Carmen. Very cool!

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The Three-Dip Trip

After last week’s solo trip to Moalboal, I decided to do another solo trip. This time, my plan was to reach Tabuelan and go swimming in Maravilla. Compared to my previous trip, this one was a little riskier. Why? Well, because the road from Sogod to Tabuelan is long and a little too ‘quiet.’ A busted rear tire or sudden engine ‘death’ could mean trouble for a lone traveler. Also, I only had around 600 pesos in my wallet (The previous week, I had around Php1500 in my bag.) So, I gave it a lot of thought. The result is this!

Keep reading to find out why this post has a weird title. Haha.


Binaliw Spring in Bagatayam, Sogod – awesome!!!!

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