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Breakfast at West 35

Failed Sequel

Trip Sponsor: Mam Judith! :)


Before anything else, big big big thanks to Mam Judith for this trip! :)

Anyway, last week, Redjie and I decided to do the sequel to the round-south trip that we took a couple of weeks ago. Since we’ve already toured the southern end of the island, this time, we decided to conquer the north. And so, after making careful plans of our possible stops and listing down the awesome sights to see along the way, everything was set. This trip, once completed, will be a new record for us. Our names will be added to the long list of Round Cebu Bikers (if that list even exists.) Hahaha.


Afternoon fishing in Tuburan. Amazing.

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Old Meets New in Balamban

Right after my ten-minute stay in the quiet little sea-side park of Pinamungajan, I was back on the road for the next leg of my trip. My next destination was Balamban.

When I reached Toledo – which was less than 30 minutes away – I saw a couple of road-side signs with directions to a certain Rancho resort. Out of curiosity, I decided to check out the spot. But when I saw the resort, I didn’t bother going in. It looked kinda expensive. Maybe next time. Haha.

So, after grabbing something to eat, I was back on the road for the town of Balamban. I noticed in my past travels that Balamban has this really nice-looking church. So, I decided to make it my next stop.


Old meets new in Balamban

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Balamban’s Plaza

During my recent visit to Balamban, I was finally able to see for myself the town’s seaside plaza. Situated just in front of the bus terminal and the public market, the plaza is a refreshing break from the hectic and often riotous life of the poblacion. It’s interesting to note that despite the proximity, the plaza is quiet, peaceful, relaxing, and very, very clean. I’ve made Balamban one of my pitstops many times in the past. In fact, I often stopped right in front of this very plaza to park my bike and grab something to eat at the town market. However, I didn’t quite get the urge to inspect the plaza (which I thought looked boring from a distance. Hehehe.) Thankfully, I pushed myself to check it out and, boy, was I surprised! The town’s plaza is small but I must say that it most definitely serves it purpose – to give the busy soul a place to reflect, relax, and let go.


The town plaza of Balamban is gorgeous!

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Balamban’s New Mall

Just a couple of months ago, the Gaisano Town Center in Balamban finally opened its doors to the people of Balamban. The beautiful mall which kinda looks like the old Gaisano Country Mall in Banilad (which according to rumors will soon be demolished to give way to a hospital) can be found along the Transcentral Highway (just before the Balamban exit). When we dropped by two weeks ago, the mall component of the structure is still being completed. The supermarket and grocery, however, are already operational. The arrival of the mall will surely make shopping a lot easier for the people of Balamban! It will also surely encourage more investors to invest in Balamban.


Balamban’s newest baby. Awesome!

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Balamban Crash Site

Last June 13, 2010, Cebu was rocked by a sad and tragic news. A tourist bus, which was on its way to Balamban, fell off a 30-meter ravine in Baranggay Cansomoroy in Balamban. 21 people died and at least 30 were injured. Most of those who were killed were Iranian nationals.

Today, almost two months after the accident, I finally got the chance to visit the crash site. Here are some of the photos that I took using my cousin Lester’s camera.


The tourist bus which fell off a 30-meter ravine in Balamban, Cebu.

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