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Pinamungajan’s Secret

A couple of weeks ago, I learned that the town of Pinamungajan now has a wave pool. I’m not sure if this is the very first wave pool in Cebu, but if it is, then this is definitely great news. Now, as a Cebu traveler, I was understandably intrigued and a little confused. I’ve been to Pinamungajan so many times but I’ve never really heard of this resort.

So, this morning when I woke up, I made up my mind that the trip to Pinamungajan to investigate was going to happen TODAY.


Hidden Valley Mountain Resort – Barangay Lamac, Pinamungajan

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Ghosts in Santander?

My cousin Anthony gave me a copy of a group photo taken last Sunday, February 8. The photo was taken by Harry Celeste, a friend and a fellow motorbike enthusiast. Their group, VegaForce Riders Pack Cebu, went on a round-south trip over the weekend. Just before 6 pm, the group stopped at the Sanayon Park in Santander for a quick photo shoot before going on a non-stop ride back to the city. They plan to have the photo published in a magazine and they thought that the spot was perfect. But they didn’t know that they captured something else in the photo.

Can you see them?

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Ever-Changing Simala

A couple of weeks ago, after finally receiving my motorbike’s temporary permit, I was finally able to go on a quick out-of-town trip. My destination was the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist in Lindogon Hills in Sibonga. The shrine is most popularly known as Simala. Years ago, the shrine was small and simple. Over the years, however, drastic changes have been made to ‘improve’ the whole complex. Let’s take a look at how the complex looks like now. Just to see how things have changed, please refer to these previous Simala posts: Simala in 2007, Simala in 2009, Simala in 2010.


Monastery of the Holy Eucharist as of December 2014.

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Cordova: One Year and Three Months Later

Over the weekend, I drove all the way to Cordova to revisit a lovely little barangay called Bang-Bang. If you can remember, Bang-Bang was one of the worst-hit areas when a huge oil-spill plagued the Cebu Strait and the Mactan Channel. (See photos of the spill here) The spill was caused by the collision of passenger ship MV Thomas Aquinas and cargo vessel Sulpicio Express Siete approximately 1 kilometer off the coast of Talisay. The passenger ship (which was carrying 120,000 liters of bunker fuel) sank and left at least 55 people dead and around 65 missing.


Let’s take a look at Bang-Bang one year and three months after the tragedy.

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Cube = Cebu

When SM unveiled their design for Seaside City at the South Road Properties, many people were automatically intrigued by the shape of the mall. Unlike most SM malls, the main mall at the Seaside City complex was circular. Years ago, when the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay was completed, people were quite thrilled to see a huge sphere standing right in front of the huge boxy structure. People automatically speculated that since SM was building a circular mall at the SRP, the icon in front of it wouldn’t be round. That it would either be rectangular or square. And true enough, last October 28, SM opened to the public the icon which (I feel) shall very soon become one of the most photographed spots in the whole island – The Cube.


Ladies and gentlemen, SM Seaside City Cebu’s CUBE.

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