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One Evening with the Chief

Last Saturday, I had this sudden urge to drive all the way to Mactan and visit one of my most favorite spots in Cebu. I seriously love the ‘Mactan Shrine’ in Barangay Mactan in the island of Mactan (it sounds so complicated, doesn’t it? Hehe.) Not only because I really think Datu Lapu-Lapu is so bad-ass but more importantly because the place never fails to put a smile on my face whenever things start to become tough. Now, whenever I get the chance, I always drop by the area. This park for me is not only a place for romantic dates and long chats with friends. It is also a place for introspection, recollection, and nostalgia.


Check out the chieftain’s home in  Barangay Mactan in Mactan.

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Crossing Borders

After taking our late breakfast, we drove all the way to the Municipality of Alegria. The town is a short drive from Badian. We reached Alegria at around 10 in the morning. However, we still had to travel for another 20 minutes to get to this little village where we could leave the van. The small village sits at the foot of a mountain where Manang’s parents live. By the way, Manang is Randy’s trusty and loving yaya. Hehehe. She couldn’t come with us because she had to do something really important.

Anyways, when we reached the village, we left some stuff in the van to make sure that our trek would be as relaxing as possible. Hahahaha. (Okay, I just found the word ‘relaxing’ really funny. Hahahaha.) We also changed into our SSC-Cebu shirts (which was kinda stupid because the shirt was black and we did this mind-boggling activity at noon! Hahahaha.)


The Great Alegria-Badian Traverse. I still couldn’t believe we survived it!

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This was presented by Sir Nigel Villarete during the BRT Seminar in Taptap a few weeks ago. I, however, was not able to get a copy of the photo. So, I would like to thank guys of SSC-Cebu for finally posting it.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what you should expect – when and if the Cebu City BRT proposal is given a go signal.

What do you think?


Dedicated BRT bus lanes in Jones Avenue.

No jeepneys! (edited by @corcern!)

Sinulog 2010 Schedule of Activities

I’m posting this in advance so that you guys can mark your calendars and clear your skeds. This will be Sinulog de Cebu’s 30th year and the organizers promise to make it the biggest one yet! And since 2010 is the election year, we can expect a lot of politicians from all over the country with their very own contingents. I’m so excited! Viva Pit Senyor!

Sinulog Sa Kabataan 2009 by you.

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BRT or LRT? What Say You?

A few weeks ago, the city government jump-started its campaign to educate people about a new mass transit system, which, although probably relatively unknown to most Cebuanos, had already been proven to be very cost-efficient and effective in other parts of the world. I was one of the lucky few who got invited to this seminar which was personally handled by Cebu City’s City Planning and Development Coordinator Sir Nigel Paul Villarete. The BRT seminar didn’t make me an expert, true, but I must say that 90% of my ‘uneducated’ questions about the system were answered.

Just last week, news of the proposal of the implementation of yet another system shocked Cebu. Congressman Gullas so boldly declared that he will bring LRT to this little island of ours.

To daydreamers (like myself. LOL) the possibility is orgasmic. Cebu, a little unknown island with people living their lives quietly, will have a kick-ass mass transit system? That’s one tempting probability.

But before we all make a decision and place our bets, let’s have a deeper understanding of the similarities, differences, advantages, and disadvantages of the two systems.

So which is which? BRT or LRT?

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Mandaue City Upclose

I went to Mandaue City today for an important appointment. I visit Mandaue City regularly but I never really pass by the area near the City Hall. So, I decided to grab the opportunity to shoot today and drop by the St. Joseph (I haven’t been there since I was in grade school) and check out the nearby plaza and the city hall, as well. (Luckily, Lacey -my camera- was with me.)

It was actually my first time to see uplcose the Mandaue City Hall.  The building looks really neat and nice. I’ve seen ‘it on TV a couple of times and I must say that it looks much better in person. Hehehe.


The Mandaue City Hall. It looks like a building somewhere in Europe. Hehehe. Nice!

Mandaue City by you.

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