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Cebu Updates 16

Hey, all! Here is another edition of Cebu Updates. The traffic situation in Cebu these days is unbelievable. I hope the city gets to implement the Bus Rapid Transit system soon. (And hopefully the BRT solves the traffic problem for good.) Good thing we have a couple of nice developments to look forward to. Here are some of them.


Cebu City as of March 2015

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Temple of Love

The Taj Mahal in India is considered one of the most amazing structures in the world. It was built because of a man’s undying love for a woman.

In Cebu, a similar structure is currently being completed. Much like the Taj Mahal, this structure was built as a symbol of one man’s great love for a woman. This woman’s name was Leah.


Temple of Leah – Busay, Cebu City

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Breakfast at West 35

If you’ve had a very busy week and you want to get away from it all, the town of Balamban has the perfect spot for you.

Two weeks agao, a new friend and I visited the West 35 Eco Mountain Resort in Gaas, Balamban. If you’re traveling from the city via the TransCentral Highway, this beautiful mountain resort is located 35 kilometers from the Cebu Provincial Capitol.


The mountains of Balamban as seen from the viewing deck of West 35

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A Humbling Journey

Two years ago, a neighbor saw MyCebuPhotoBlog and told an Augustinian priest friend about my photos. The priest later came to our house to ask if I would be interested in traveling to Surigao and covering a small town fiesta. He said I didn’t have to worry about food and accommodation. All I had to do was take pictures. The deal seemed pretty sketchy at first. And honestly, a little unbelievable. Why would they get a blogger to do the job? I’m sure a lot of professional photographers would be more than willing to volunteer. I was certain that the plan wouldn’t push through. And when the earthquake and the super typhoon came, the deal became completely forgotten.

A few months before the end of 2014, however, I heard from Fr. Leo Mario F. Singco, OSA (the priest) again. He personally visited me at home and once again asked if I was still willing to do it. There was no way I was going to say no to a free trip. And especially not after I found out who I was traveling with.

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Pinamungajan’s Secret

A couple of weeks ago, I learned that the town of Pinamungajan now has a wave pool. I’m not sure if this is the very first wave pool in Cebu, but if it is, then this is definitely great news. Now, as a Cebu traveler, I was understandably intrigued and a little confused. I’ve been to Pinamungajan so many times but I’ve never really heard of this resort.

So, this morning when I woke up, I made up my mind that the trip to Pinamungajan to investigate was going to happen TODAY.


Hidden Valley Mountain Resort – Barangay Lamac, Pinamungajan

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