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Cordova: One Year and Three Months Later

Over the weekend, I drove all the way to Cordova to revisit a lovely little barangay called Bang-Bang. If you can remember, Bang-Bang was one of the worst-hit areas when a huge oil-spill plagued the Cebu Strait and the Mactan Channel. (See photos of the spill here) The spill was caused by the collision of passenger ship MV Thomas Aquinas and cargo vessel Sulpicio Express Siete approximately 1 kilometer off the coast of Talisay. The passenger ship (which was carrying 120,000 liters of bunker fuel) sank and left at least 55 people dead and around 65 missing.


Let’s take a look at Bang-Bang one year and three months after the tragedy.

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Cube = Cebu

When SM unveiled their design for Seaside City at the South Road Properties, many people were automatically intrigued by the shape of the mall. Unlike most SM malls, the main mall at the Seaside City complex was circular. Years ago, when the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay was completed, people were quite thrilled to see a huge sphere standing right in front of the huge boxy structure. People automatically speculated that since SM was building a circular mall at the SRP, the icon in front of it wouldn’t be round. That it would either be rectangular or square. And true enough, last October 28, SM opened to the public the icon which (I feel) shall very soon become one of the most photographed spots in the whole island – The Cube.


Ladies and gentlemen, SM Seaside City Cebu’s CUBE.

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Movenpick, At Last!

So, interesting story. Two weeks ago, I got an invite from the marketing head of Movenpick Resort and Spa in Mactan (previously Hilton.) If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll notice that the resort has been featured a couple of times since I discovered Olango (my new favorite.) So, anyway, Movenpick was recently awarded the Green Globe award. And to tell some bloggers and media guys about it, a small cocktail event was held.

You guys know that I live in Cebu City. And considering all the recent road repairs and stuff, the trip from Cebu to Mactan would take at least forty minutes. Which was why I left home at 5 pm. Surely, I wouldn’t miss the 6 pm cocktail event. Well… Hahaha!


Movenpick is A-MA-ZING!

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If you want to de-stress without having to shell out a fortune, go to Cordova. Only twenty minutes from Lapu-Lapu City, Cordova offers peace, quiet, and lotsa fresh air. And don’t forget the amazing food and the jaw-dropping view of Metro Cebu! Work has been crazy lately, so last Sunday, exactly one week after my Olango adventure, I drove all the way to Cordova to help me start another work week with nothing but positive vibes.

If you have time, give Cordova a visit. You’ll love it there!


Cordova, Cebu

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A Different View

Last week, I got a chance to reach the rooftop of the Apple One building at the Cebu Business Park. In case you hadn’t heard yet, the Apple One building is one of the most popular destinations in Cebu City these days. The rooftop is currently occupied by a restaurant called Blue Elephant. Haven’t tried the restaurant coz I heard it’s really expensive. But they say that the view from up there is just so breath-taking that you end up not giving a shiz about the fat tab. Haha! Well, thankfully, a friend asked me to tag along when she went there to schedule a function. So, I didn’t have to shell out a fortune just to see the ‘golden view’ everyone is talking about.

So, let’s keep the ball rolling, shall we? Here are some photos from the top floor of Apple One at the Cebu Business Park. Enjoy!


Now here’s a totally different view – Cebu City, as seen from the Cebu Business Park.

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