Guadalupe Parish Church

The Guadalupe Parish Church is one of the many huge churches in Cebu City. Located at the heart of the city’s biggest baranggay, the Guadalupe Parish church is home of the miraculous image of Our Lady Of Guadalupe.


Church facade

View from Guadalajara

Angel 1

Angel 2

Still angel 2

The Bell tower




The ten commandments

part 2

Cross and Sky

Closed doors

Mother of Perpetual Help

Wooden Angel


Look Up

The Altar

The Bust

Stained Glass

Prayer beads on doors.

Our lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe


Mother Mary

Bell Tower

You can touch the image here

With Sto. Nino

Guardian Angel


The Altar


The Dome


Stained Glass

Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe

OUr Lady Of Guadalupe



Mother Mary


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6 thoughts on “Guadalupe Parish Church

  1. Hi Ley,
    Guadalupe Parish Church is beautiful indeed! I was actually baptized there! & Guadalupe is also my hometown, that is why i’m a big fan of BOLA-BOLA. When my mother passed away on 2002, diha sad namo gi held ang mass.

    I’m really loving your site kay it feels like i’m back home jud! Thanks again!


  2. naalala ko nung tym na nag serve pko jan i think 1992 before he past awy monsenor dela cerna.. d ko alam kelan pko makakabalik jan ulit sa guadalupe…
    na mis ko na mga kababata ko and also the place kong san ako lumaki…

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