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MCPB at CITE 2014

Last Friday, I was able to drop by Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino in Lahug for the 2014 Cebu International Travel Expo. The CITE is an annual event which features the trends and the current movers and shakers in travel and tourism. The CITE 2014 is the first show to open the 2014 International Travel Expo Series.

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A Journey of Firsts

Last June 6th, I received a pretty unusual email. I admit, I’m quite used to receiving unusual emails. But this one was a little different. The email said that I was invited to cover a big event. How big, exactly? Let’s just say the keywords Cebu Pacific and Department of Tourism are plastered all over it. That big.

So, wait a minute. I got an email from a company that was in partnership with the Department of Tourism and Cebu Pacific. Pretty unusual, right? I mean, being invited to a local event – that I can digest. But getting invited to an event happening outside Cebu – definitely sketchy. Especially since my blog is focused mainly on the local scene. But then again, I have Hanging Rice so maybe they took that into consideration. I’m not sure.

I only realized that this was indeed a serious offer when I finally received a copy of my ticket and the itinerary. So, three days and two nights in Caraga, food and accommodations covered, a DOT-guided tour of the region’s best spots, and a guaranteed seat on Cebu Pacific’s Tandag-Cebu maiden flight. I’ve never had a positive space ticket before! Ever! This right here is a full-scale press trip, yo! I can’t handle this!


From one paradise to another. I’m definitely not complaining.

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The Search for Lanipao

Weeks ago, my cousin told me about her trip to Lanipao and she said that I should definitely check it out. Anyways, long story short, I decided to go ahead and investigate. I know Guadalupe is such a big barangay but with the instruction to “just follow that road behind the Guadalupe Church until you reach Sapangdaku,” I thought that it would be easy as a pie. Well, let’s just say that I was wrong. And I also must admit that if I hadn’t stopped to ask for directions, I wouldn’t be able to locate it. Haha. Well, I say finding what you’re looking for on your first attempt is no fun at all. Come on! Seriously, where’s your sense of adventure?


Am I there yet? I seriously don’t know.

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Under The Bridge

Today, I was able to make a quick stop at the park under the Cansaga Bay Bridge. The last time that I dropped by, the place was barren and just basically lifeless. Now, the place looks so much better. Kudos to the local government of Consolacion for making sure locals in the area can have a safe and fun place to enjoy.

The Cansaga Bay Bridge connects Mandaue City and the town of Consolacion. Although not exactly a shortcut, the route which crosses Cansaga Bay helps ease the usually heavy traffic at the North National Road. It also helps bring new developments to areas far from where the usual action takes place.


Check out the park under the Cansaga Bay Bridge.

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Cebu Updates 12

Hey, guys! Here are some fresh updates from the Queen City of the South. If you want me to take pictures of some spots that I missed for this update, please let me know in the comments section below. I will try to check each one of them out and feature them in the next update! :)


Cebu as of May 2014

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Good Food an Island Away

One of the hottest culinary destinations in Cebu today is the chain of native restaurants called Lantaw Native Restaurant. Lantaw is a Cebuano word which can mean a few things. The most common definition however, is ‘to look from a great distance.’ So, what’s so special about Lantaw? Well, aside from offering a wide variety of great-tasting food, the chain is also known for picking the most interesting locations. Their very first restaurant is located in Cordova. This restaurant, which is floating at the tip of the Day-As Wharf (yes, it’s floating,) offers an amazing view of the wonderful Metro Cebu skyline. The chain now has a total of three restaurants in Cebu. The second one is located in Barangay Garahe in Busay and the newest one at the South Road Properties. The chain remains faithful to its name as the Busay branch offers an exciting view of Cebu City, while the SRP branch gives guests a spectacular view of the Mactan Channel and Mactan Island. Lantaw owners, if you’re reading this, I suggest you open a branch at the very top of Crown Regency. I bet it would be a huge hit.

Anyway, in case you still haven’t been to this restaurant, here are some photos from my last visit. Although a little pricey for regular Juans like myself, the restaurant has great food, great view, and great ambiance. Highly recommended.


Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant in Cordova, Cebu. Mangaon ta!

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